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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let Experience Do The Talking

- " aku xbaca apa pon smalamm . balek skolah tdoq jaa "

- " mampoih laa aku . exam td aku hentam jaa "

- " weh ank bleh buat dak exam td ? aku xtau paa pkai hentam jaa "

those are the quotes usually used by my fellow classmates during the examination week . ( especially among the best students )
the results ?
they scored As =.=


Last night , I received a text message from a friend of mine regarding the essays that will probably come out today .
one of the question he spotted to come out in the exam was , " how to promote unity in Malaysia "
so I made some research regrading this topic .
here's a draft of what I will actually jot down in my answer paper IF the question did really came out :
Despite all our efforts , race relations are at an all-time low in this country . It is time we got serious about achieving racial unity in a genuine manner , as otherwise , we would be risking far too much . The date MAY 13,1969 will always go down as one of the darkest days in the history of our nation . Hence , the goverment has taken various measures to heal the wounds and restore unity for this nation . How can we , Malaysians , promote unity for our country ?

   Unity has to start with the young . It is at school where its early seeds are planted . Teachers must play a great role in motivating students and cultivate an attitude to appreciate different cultures . Students should be encouraged to mingle and play together with other students of different races without looking at their differences .

   On the other hand , this duty should not be hold responsible only for the schools . Early education should start at home . Parents need to show good examples by giving due respect to neighbours , colleagues , friends , or even strangers of various races . They should not speak negatively about other races or religions openly .

   Besides that , goverment agencies need to organize events to promote greater unity . They do not need to wait for festival seasons in order to do so . Also , Non-Govermental Organization including associations , clubs and societies should work together with multinational companies to organize sports events , seminars and camps that includes all races .

   Last but not least , religious leaders who are supposedly to be pious and god fearing should practice high tolerance and always work towards solving the differences in opinion in a friendly and condusive environment .

   In conclusion , the lifestyle of our nation in the past has showed us how the community of the days of old lived together in tolerance and high respect  for different races , cultures , and religion despite some minor hiccups . All Malaysians must bear responsibility to help achieve peace and unity . It is shameful if we fail to continue to embrace the uniqueness of Malaysia .


guess what ?
I actually DID memorise ALL THE TEXTS with hopes that it will actually come out in the real exam . 
well , no luck for that . . .

to be continued


fafauzulkifli said...

well. u can get 50/50 lahh.
but thn tht topic didnt cme out rite? giler frust td. :(

nadia nazurah osman said...

haha! tasangka tera bi.kah3!

ZA Wong said...

fau , sadly soalan ni xnaik

nad , tiru orang jaa