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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let Experience Do The Talking ( part two )

The actual English Essay questions :

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics :
1. Ways to make school life more interesting
2. Winning does not matter . Do you agree ?
3. A perfect date 
4. Questions
5. Write a story beginning with : I was forgiven for my mistake . . .


Disebabkan masa menjawab masih banyak , aku buat satu draf jawapan yang akan aku tulis .
Lepas habis buat draf , baru copy balik apa yang patut kt kertas jawapan .
Guess , which one did I answered ?
Haha . . .



Dating is a normal thing a person will do in his or her life . In Malaysia , it is already a common sight if we see couples stick to each other , walking together , or even doing works together . However , most people find it hard to be perfect on their first date . How can one make a perfect date ?

   First of all , one must know how to tackle a woman . He must have the confidence to ask her for a date . A simple example would be by asking her for a movie or invite her for a dinner . There are things that one should do and should not do on their date .

   One of the main things that you should know is how to impress her . You should know what she likes , what she hates , and what she prefers to . It would rather be reckless if you invite her for pizza whereas she prefers just a simple ' nasi lemak ' .

   Also , just wear anything that suits you . Do not overdress yourself . Some women find it irritating . Just be yourself . You do not need to be someone who is not you because that shows that you are sincere in making relationship with her . It also shows that you are happy with what you are without needing to be others that you are not .

   Besides that , you must be a good listener . On your first date , do not talk too much about yourself . Just let your spouse to talk about her because this shows that you are actually care for her . Also , please pull yourself from using harsh words .  Women find it too irritating and unmoral for them .

   Furthermore , acting like you know everything will just screw the situation . You can give your thoughts and your opinion but make sure it is equally given and heard by her . Plus , saying " I love you " on your first date will ruin the situation even more . Some women would find it weird to have an " I love you " on her first date . You might have lost your chances to ever dating her again . 

   In conclusion , being perfect for your date would rather be hard , or easy , depends on how you manage to control the situation . However , it is not impossible for the date to be perfect . Just be yourself and do not push yourself over the limit .


Yes , I know .
There's a lot of grammatical mistakes .
This one was just for the draft though .
There's a slight differences between this and the actual one .

So , experience DO come in handy sometimes . Right ?


fafauzulkifli said...

aww. prof muzakkir dahh. wahaha. :)

ZA Wong said...

doa-doakan :)

nadia nazurah osman said...

hahah! nice2! like3! tera noh bab2 ni.kah3!

ZA Wong said...


||Jue-niy|| said...

ni soalan kedah kan?
kat sekolah sy pun tgh try jwb soalan ni..

n sekarang ni sy tgh pening dowh nak pilih tjuk yg mana 1..kekeringan idea~ T____T

ZA Wong said...

yup . guna jea idea ni