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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

disebabkan baru dapat cs5 , kebelakangan ni aku ' giat ' edit pix .

toyol layan upin ipin =.=
sorry cimok ! boh xbgtau :p

Saturday, August 28, 2010

pernah dengar gelaran pemandu berhemah ?
dukacita dimaklumkan , abah aku seorang pemandu yang berhemah .
terlalu berhemah .
sangat berbeza dgn anak dya .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let Experience Do The Talking ( part two )

The actual English Essay questions :

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics :
1. Ways to make school life more interesting
2. Winning does not matter . Do you agree ?
3. A perfect date 
4. Questions
5. Write a story beginning with : I was forgiven for my mistake . . .


Disebabkan masa menjawab masih banyak , aku buat satu draf jawapan yang akan aku tulis .
Lepas habis buat draf , baru copy balik apa yang patut kt kertas jawapan .
Guess , which one did I answered ?
Haha . . .



Dating is a normal thing a person will do in his or her life . In Malaysia , it is already a common sight if we see couples stick to each other , walking together , or even doing works together . However , most people find it hard to be perfect on their first date . How can one make a perfect date ?

   First of all , one must know how to tackle a woman . He must have the confidence to ask her for a date . A simple example would be by asking her for a movie or invite her for a dinner . There are things that one should do and should not do on their date .

   One of the main things that you should know is how to impress her . You should know what she likes , what she hates , and what she prefers to . It would rather be reckless if you invite her for pizza whereas she prefers just a simple ' nasi lemak ' .

   Also , just wear anything that suits you . Do not overdress yourself . Some women find it irritating . Just be yourself . You do not need to be someone who is not you because that shows that you are sincere in making relationship with her . It also shows that you are happy with what you are without needing to be others that you are not .

   Besides that , you must be a good listener . On your first date , do not talk too much about yourself . Just let your spouse to talk about her because this shows that you are actually care for her . Also , please pull yourself from using harsh words .  Women find it too irritating and unmoral for them .

   Furthermore , acting like you know everything will just screw the situation . You can give your thoughts and your opinion but make sure it is equally given and heard by her . Plus , saying " I love you " on your first date will ruin the situation even more . Some women would find it weird to have an " I love you " on her first date . You might have lost your chances to ever dating her again . 

   In conclusion , being perfect for your date would rather be hard , or easy , depends on how you manage to control the situation . However , it is not impossible for the date to be perfect . Just be yourself and do not push yourself over the limit .


Yes , I know .
There's a lot of grammatical mistakes .
This one was just for the draft though .
There's a slight differences between this and the actual one .

So , experience DO come in handy sometimes . Right ?

Let Experience Do The Talking

- " aku xbaca apa pon smalamm . balek skolah tdoq jaa "

- " mampoih laa aku . exam td aku hentam jaa "

- " weh ank bleh buat dak exam td ? aku xtau paa pkai hentam jaa "

those are the quotes usually used by my fellow classmates during the examination week . ( especially among the best students )
the results ?
they scored As =.=


Last night , I received a text message from a friend of mine regarding the essays that will probably come out today .
one of the question he spotted to come out in the exam was , " how to promote unity in Malaysia "
so I made some research regrading this topic .
here's a draft of what I will actually jot down in my answer paper IF the question did really came out :
Despite all our efforts , race relations are at an all-time low in this country . It is time we got serious about achieving racial unity in a genuine manner , as otherwise , we would be risking far too much . The date MAY 13,1969 will always go down as one of the darkest days in the history of our nation . Hence , the goverment has taken various measures to heal the wounds and restore unity for this nation . How can we , Malaysians , promote unity for our country ?

   Unity has to start with the young . It is at school where its early seeds are planted . Teachers must play a great role in motivating students and cultivate an attitude to appreciate different cultures . Students should be encouraged to mingle and play together with other students of different races without looking at their differences .

   On the other hand , this duty should not be hold responsible only for the schools . Early education should start at home . Parents need to show good examples by giving due respect to neighbours , colleagues , friends , or even strangers of various races . They should not speak negatively about other races or religions openly .

   Besides that , goverment agencies need to organize events to promote greater unity . They do not need to wait for festival seasons in order to do so . Also , Non-Govermental Organization including associations , clubs and societies should work together with multinational companies to organize sports events , seminars and camps that includes all races .

   Last but not least , religious leaders who are supposedly to be pious and god fearing should practice high tolerance and always work towards solving the differences in opinion in a friendly and condusive environment .

   In conclusion , the lifestyle of our nation in the past has showed us how the community of the days of old lived together in tolerance and high respect  for different races , cultures , and religion despite some minor hiccups . All Malaysians must bear responsibility to help achieve peace and unity . It is shameful if we fail to continue to embrace the uniqueness of Malaysia .


guess what ?
I actually DID memorise ALL THE TEXTS with hopes that it will actually come out in the real exam . 
well , no luck for that . . .

to be continued

Monday, August 23, 2010


copied from

So many people say that you won’t amount to anything, you won’t make it, you won’t succeed- unless you’re on your own. But those people forget the heroes standing behind them- the unsung warriors- the brave fighters and peacemakers- who make life what it is. These people are friends, compadres, amigos, amis and even the chums- add the vibrancy and color to this world that is otherwise a monotone black and white. These people- who no matter what is wrong and what they are doing, support you every step of the way and hold you up when you’re falling. 

Ladies and gentlemen, never forget these people watching you, guarding you through life’s hardships. They will be your light, your happiness to guide you through this never ending darkness. If soon forgotten, the marks- and sometimes even the scars- these people cast on your heart will still exist, though their reasoning may be lost. Everyone you meet- every single person impacts you in some way, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. Then there are those people- the special people to touch your heart- who leave marks so big or so deep on your soul, that you could never forget their mark no matter how much you try. These people will hold the greatest impact on your life and whose presence will stick with through all times. There marks aid to characterize who you are and how your life will go. 

These heroes will be able to tell you what’s wrong, even though you may not know it yourself. The look in your eyes- they see through your lies, even if they blind you. You can tell them you’re fine- straight face lie- and they’ll see straight through it. You can’t fool them, can’t trick them- they know you too well. Don’t even try it- it’s not worth the effort. 

They are your sunshine, your hope, your light. You can’t let them extinguish or you’ll extinguish yourself. You need them to hold you together- to hold your seams together while you’re breaking apart.    They’ll hold you when you break down and cry. They’ll share your pain- no matter rough it may be or how much you hurt. These fighters just want to bring your pain to a halt and make sure no matter what- you’ll be okay. 

They will listen to your problems, and give advice when you can’t find it in your own heart- even when the truth may not be what you want to hear. They’ll do anything- no matter how silly and crude- just to make you smile. 

Your flaws are embraced- these amigos know you aren’t perfect. They’ll accept you for who you are- even if they disagree with who you are or what you do. 

You can call them- any time of day- rain or shine- just to have someone to talk to, to cry to. 

They will take you out and treat you, just to make sure you’re fed and well. 

These warriors become your everything and consume what you thought life was. 

Please, remember these everyday heroes who have done so much for your life. They are here for you- they would even die for you- how could you even begin to toss them away? Something so simple that becomes to embody something even greater- something that almost seems not human. These kind creatures- uncaring about themselves and more forgiving than even the earth itself- are what make life special and worth living. The earth needs the sun to light up its surface, just as we need the friends and family who are watching our backs. Please, I beg of you, don’t let this earthly wonder slip you by. Embrace the ones you love, and who love you. Don’t let that soft flame extinguish. Hold it and protect it from the impending storm. Who knows when you’ll need these heroes later, or when they’ll need you- but no matter what, don’t let the true miracles that have come into your life slip away.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

we're talking bout bestfriend here =="

kawan tikam belakang , 
kat depan macam malaikat , kat belakang mengalahkan setan .

well those things are normal in life . semua orang pernah rasa dan bakal rasa (buat yg masih belum) . normal lahh kann ? klau tak , life wont be spelled - L . I . F . E - lahhh
sejujurnya , dah banyak kali aku rasa semua tu dan tak mustahil aku akan rasa lagi suatu hari nanti .
classmate aku pon dah banyak kencing aku hidup² . 
lol :p
it's life bebeh ;)

- hierarki kehidupan -  kalau kita kat bawah , org atas tindas . kalau kita kat atas , kita mungkin tindas org bawah .  

err mlas ckp psal tu . nanti tercetus plak kontroversi .

di sini aku ingin membuat satu pengakuan , sesungguhnya aku susah untuk bersangka buruk terhadap manusia-manusia lain ( this term applies for those who once I considered as my BFF . kalau ENEMY tuu faham² lahh kann . org lain tu lain kira ) so itulah sebabnya kebanyakan orang ckp , aku senang ' kena pijak kepala ' .

seriously , aku susah nak terasa dgn manusia-manusia yang aku anggap BFF . ala stakat benda kicik² tu buat nampak tak nampak dah laa . kawan² ;) lol . baik sgt kot =="
dan satu lagi , aku susah nak percaya kalau org ckp ' BFF ' aku tu dok buat taik blakang aku . selagi tak nampak dpn mata , selagi itulah aku xkan pcaya .

( aku dah lupa apa yang patut aku taip )

lastly ,

malas komen =.=

adios !

" good luck :) "

perkataan tu selalu org sebut terutama sekali ketika musim peperiksaan . cthnya esok nk exam , mlm ni msti rmai org wish " goodluck "," do your best " etc. ucapan ni dah jd satu trend kebelakangan ni ( or mybe aku jea baru prasan ) . bagi aku , such wishes xda la membantu sangat . 
klau dah esok nk exam tp hri ni masih lg xbuat last minute revision , xberguna jgak even dy dapat 1000 of wishes pon . keesokannya tetap xboleh jwb ;(

sebenarnya org dlu² ( org dlu² ??? o.O ) wish goodluck and what so ever ni sebagai pendorong untuk calon tu buat yg terbaik dalam erti kata lain , usaha sehabis mungkin tetapi yg dpt aku lihat nowadays semua ini dijadikan sebagai satu tradisi ketika menjelang peperiksaan lebih daripada tujuan asalnya .
well xkisahla apa pendapat u all readers , coz tu semua apa yg dpt aku tafsirkan dgn keadaan skg ni jea .
tafsiran xsemestinya betol , kan ?

to all Form 5 readers , 


p/s : buat yg terbaik :p

Saturday, August 21, 2010

perempuan curang ?

semasa sedang ber-Blog Walking , aku terbaca satu artikel yang agak menarik perhatian aku .
tajuknya : 

Perempuan Lebih Pandai Sembunyikan Kecurangannya

sedikit petikan dari blog tersebut ,

" Perempuan yang susah untuk curang . 
Tetapi apabila curang , mereka lebih pandai sembunyikan kecurangan mereka berbanding dengan lelaki "

haha . 
aku malas nak komen apa² sbb aku dah lama xbergiat dalam cintan cintun ni .
apa² pun buat kaum hawa di luar sana , keputusan di tangan anda . 
terpulanglah nak curang kaaaa nak hapaaa kaa . . .
tp ingat , balasan tuhan tetap ada ;)

buat kaum adam plak , hati² .

aku bukan nak sebelahkan pihak lelaki jea sebab perempuan buat mcm tu mungkin berpunca daripada tindakan lelaki jgak .
so . . . pandai² fkir laa .
ada otak , gunakan sebaiknya ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

me...layu semakin murah

link di atas diterima oleh seorang kenalan or ehem ehem* dari adik aku .
isinya ?
klik kt link tu .
tonton puas² .
some screenshots :

apa budak ni buat ?? o.O
sekolah . . . ?

kalau nk tahu selebihnya , tonton video itu sniri .
tujuan aku post kali ni bukanlah bertujuan untuk memalukan individu dalam video ni .
cuma sebagai pesanan buat di luar sana .
jangan jadi seperti mereka .

melayu ohh melayu .
ok , artikel kali ini bukanlah bertujuan untuk menghina bangsa aku sniri tp . . .fikir²kan lah baik buruk perbuatan kat atas ni .
ya aku akui bukan bangsa melayu sahaja terlibat dgn kegiatan sebegini .
tak mustahil kalau ada bangsa lain pon terjebak dgn kegiatan sampah ni .
tapi itu tak bermaksod aku menggalakkan muda mudi zaman sekarang khususnya bangsa aku sniri , MELAYU untuk menggiatkan diri menjadi sampah .

video itu jelas menunjukkan bukan sorg dua terlibat , ramai kott .
siap ada badge skolah lg . cuba bayangkan kalau pihak skolah dapat tawu psal hal ni . . . xmalu nama skolah ?
kalau mak bapak mamat ni ' ter 'tonton video ni , xmampos mamat ni ?
silap hari bulan dapat hadiah ' kahwin freeee '
jika dilihat dari rupa paras , rasa²nya budak ni baru form2/form3 .
haih .
muda lagi .
nak katakan tak dapat kasih sayang mak bapak , mak bapak dah antar g skolah .
so tak boleh nak salahkan mak bapak . 

' nikmat sementara '
beberapa respon daripada facebook berkaitan video ini ,

respon sebegini bukanlah sesuatu yang mengejutkan .
tapi apa yg membuka mata aku ialah orang yg komen tu bukanlah berbangsa MELAYU dan bukanlah beragama ISLAM .
bayangkanla seorang non-muslim tetiba ckp " ke mana iman kamu anak muda " ??
apa perasaan anda sebagai seorang muslim tatkala seorang non-muslim bertanyakan iman anda ?
tak timbulkah sedikit ke - malu - an anda sebagai seorang muslim ?
apa² pun , tepuk dada tanya iman .

aku akui aku sendiri tidaklah kuat sangat pegangan agama . 
banyak jugak dosa aku buat .
manusia takkan pernah lari dari berbuat dosa . kan ?
so tujuan aku post artikel kali ni hanya sebagai peringatan buat para pembaca , jgn jadi sperti mereka ;)
fikir²kan lah,
apabila seorang ' belum-Islam ' menegur seorang Islam .
dimana maruah anda sebagai seorang Islam ?
renungkan . . .

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my 72nd entry

seperti yang diketahui umum , Malaysia sememangnya unik dengan bangsanya yang berbilang kaum .
pada waktu² menjelang perayaan sebegini , banyak event khas diadakan yg tidak terdapat dalam waktu² lain .

skrg bulan puasa .
topik hangat ?
bazar ramadhan lahhh .

sedar tak sedar dah hampir 9 hari umat Islam berpuasa . tahun ni bagi aku sama ja dgn tahun² yang sebelumnya . tiada apa² yang istimewa . cuma tahun ni aku xselemah tahun² lepas . maybe sebab dah biasa berpuasa kot . . . dan tahun ni aku memecah tradisi kerana sepanjang Ramadhan ni , aku belum lagi menjejakkan kaki aku ke bazar Ramadhan . macam biasa , malas sgt =="


serba sedikit keunikan Malaysia buat penghayatan pembaca ,

kesemua gambar di atas diambil dari GooGle


Blog Walking ?
apa itu blog walking ?
jalan² blog ?
isitilah ini diguna pakai oleh kebanyakan blogger untuk menyatakan mereka sedang . . . . berjalan-jalan kt blog org .
lol :p
ala . . . klau xfhm sgt tu , blog walking tu lbeh kurang mcm g usha² blog org laa .

satu lagi istilah yang dapat aku kenal pasti baru² ini ialah traffik .
contoh ayat , 

"orang cakap kalau nak dapat traffik kena rajin buat blogwalk ."

jadi dari konklusi yg aku sndiri buat , traffik bermaksod bilangan follower atau bilangan org yg singgah kt blog .
haih .
blog lama aku pernah mencapai sehingga 94 org followers .
agak merindui blog itu ;(
u can click on the link klau nk follow apa yg aku lalui sblom ni .
boleh dilihat ketidakmatangan aku ketika itu ;)
well that's an old story .

ok back to blog walking . . .
secara jujurnya , aku sendiri tak suka blog walking .
aku suka update blog aku sniri , tp jarang aku singgah kt mna² blog ntok baca artikel yg diorg post .
yalah mcm ayat kt atas td tu ckp , " kalau nak dapat traffik kena rajin buat blogwalk " so that explain why this blog has so few followers .

sebab² aku bosan ber-Blog Walking :

1.Tajuk Membosankan

well kalau tajuk sniri dah membosankan , artikel tu msti bosan jgak enn ?
artikel² yg membosankan aku :

- artikel yg ada kna mngena dgn love etc.

yes , telling love is ok but too much of it sometimes agak annoying for some readers . ala xkan lahhh kau nk satu dunia tawu psal love life kau kann ? no sense of privacy lahh .
err , ok aku akui aku pernah kemaruk pasal love suatu msa dlu. but that was longg time ago . artikel aku psal ni , story of life . . . love life . satu lg yg membuatkan aku benci sgt ialah kalau ada org copy love poem org lain pstu post kt blog dia . klau ada artikel mcm tu biasanya aku scroll down smpai bawah , baca artikel yg lain . klau dah bosan sgt , jari jemari aku ni tak teragak-agak ntok close terus browser .
yeah berkenaan dgn ni jgk , aku sgt² bosan kalau terbaca artikel lebih kurang macam " I want her back ! " , " I love her till death " , or yg sama waktu dgnnya lahh tambah² ayat org baru putus cinta . hey dude ! live must go on lahh . . . .

- artikel yang sememangnya merapu 

yg ni aku rasa xperlu aku ulas panjang .

2.Page Lambat Load

di sini aku nak buat pengakuan , walaupun aku tidak menggunakan laptop namun servis internet yang termampu untuk aku gunakan hanyalah broadband biasa/cikai ( malas nk ckp brand apa ) . jd kadangkala speed yg mampu aku dapat hanya 1kbps . yes , aku xbergurau .
kebanyakan blog aku yg berjaya aku load , hampir 90% daripada mereka menghias blog itu dengan terlalu banyak widget ( mcm blog aku ) , video , audio etc . mmg ahh . blogger mna yg xnak blog diorg cantik di mata dekat di hati enn ? tp perlu diingat , bukan semua readers kita ada connection internet yg laju . klau yg mcm aku ni , awal2 lg aku dah close browser .
buat blogger yg teringin nk minimizekan masa loading , here's some tips.

3.Lagu Terlalu Bising

klau blog yg aku lawat tu letak lagu rock/heavy metal/puja² setan , aku close awal² .

4.Takda Sebab

mcm yg aku nyatakan td , i'm a blogger but not a reader . aku jarang baca blog org kecuali blog sahabat² terdekat .

akhir kata ,
selamat ber-Blog Walking !

gambar dan teks dirujuk dari MusafirCyber

Welcome , Nuffy

ever heard of nuffnang ?
sebelum ni aku dgr cmtu² ja .
psal org dok sebot nuffnang nuffnang nuffnang ~
aku sniri pon xtau apa itu nuffnang .
even until aku join site , masih ada sedikit hal yang aku kurang faham .

apa yg dpt aku ringkaskan , site ni merupakan sebuah agensi pengiklanan yang mengiklankan iklan-iklan daripada bumiputera , warga Singapura dan Filipina .

salah satu usaha untuk memperkenalkan perniagaan anda melalui kaedah blogging .

sedikit petikan daripada laman web nuffnang ,

"Di Nuffnang, kami merupakan sebuah pelantar pengiklanan blog untuk BLOGGER oleh BLOGGER. Selaras dengan itu, para blogger yang memiliki skil dan pengaruh telah dijemput untuk bekerjasama dengan kami dan kebiasaannya adalah secara percuma. Mereka diibaratkan rakan kongsi Nuffnang serta menjadi duta dan penasihat bagi kami. Mereka membantu dalam mencari peluang-peluang terbaik bagi blog anda, memberitahu kami kehendak anda dan menggunakan kepakaran mereka demi memastikan pengalaman anda di Nuffnang adalah sebaik mungkin. Identiti mereka akan didedahkan di sini suatu masa nanti!"

happy nuffnang-ing !
being early isnt my type .
jadi sememangnyaa ' pelik ' kalau nampak insan bernama __________ ni datang awal ke sekolah .
kelmarin ( 18 Ogos 2010 ) , merupakan salah satu daripada ' hari-hari pelik ' dan mungkin sekali boleh diiktiraf sebagai salah satu keajaiban dunia terbaru . ( ? )

well actually , malam sebelumnya aku tak tido langsung .
sanggup bersengkang mata semata-mata nak baca dan hafal nota ICT well thx =="
berjaga dari waktu berbuka sehinggalah waktu sahur .
asalnya bercadang nak tido lepas sahur ( ataupun biasanya org kedah pggil 'sock' ) tp entah knp mata tak mampu dilelapkan .
erghh . 
so skg ni apa yg mampu dibuat hanyalah menunggu masa yang sesuai untuk ke sekolah .
yes , masa yang sesuai .
lihat jam di dinding , urghhhh baru pkol 6pagi .
awai sgt kottt nk p skolah .
ok , tggu tggu tggu tggu . . . .
dah pkol 6.40 .

yes !
tibalah masanya !
lol :p

like I said earlier , being early isnt my type so it's kinda ' weird ' for me and kinda ' errr apa ptot aku buat nii ' at time like this .
biasanya masa gate sekolah dah nk tutop , masa tu laa bru aku p skolah .
err . . .
ok , that's a lie coz skolah aku xpnh tutop gate .
err wtv .
hrp2 fhm lahh apa aku nk smpaikan ni .

jadi . . .
kesannya ?
aku sangat sangat sangat sangaaaaaaattttt mengantok !
balik rumah , tido dri pkol 4 ptg sehinggalah waktu berbuka .
selesai sahaja berbuka , sambung tido sehingga pkol 3 pg .
macam bodoh jea kann ?
lps tu aku sambung bca nota ICT smpai time sahur .

natijahnya, hari ini aku demam .
yes , DEMAM !
berjangkit kt adik laa nii =="
sakit kepala , melelong ~
and pls jgn tnya apa jd kt aku lps tuu . . . 
memalukan =="

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

to my dearest

to atiqah ,

sorry it wasnt much .
but , 
usia semakin bertambah , bermakna tanggungjawab yang dipikul juga semakin bertambah ( ingat tuu )
I doakan U tabah hadapi semua dugaan tambah² dlm bulan puasa mcm ni . . .
klau ada lg kes² dengki like before tuu sbar je lah k ?
kita xkan dpt layan kerenah manusia .
biasalah pabila kita berada di atas , yang bawah pasti *ehem ehem * kannn .
btw , i hope u've grown up ;)
cant wait to see u again .

17th august ,
semoga tarikh ni buatkan u lebih matang dari sebelumnya .
jaga kesihatan ok ?
sorry sebab lmbt post .
agak bz td :(

and sorry sbb ayat kureng dramatis .
xpandai karang ayat :p

Monday, August 16, 2010

dari pandangan si rabun

strolling through fb , . . .
lenglui aaa XD







erm , 
that's it muz .
dun even try .
they wont notice you .
ok .
time to talk about last sunway trip .

bangun pagi gosok gigi ~ ♪

ok .
umi wasn't well .
mcm biasa , batuk berdarah .
actually , since the day before we have plan to go to sunway .
supposingly , all of us .( 8 in total )
tp disebabkan keadaan umi , hanya 5 daripada kami ke sunway .
which mean abah lang , umi lang dan umi ke hospital .
actually I know that bringing her to the hospital won't help much .
those kind of treatment can't help her .
well . . .
we're dealing with the satans .
how would science be a great help ?
naddaaa =="

ok .
sebelum bertolak , telah berlaku drama pentas di dalam dan di luar kereta Myvi SE bewarna oren . . . err mlalot dah .
Muzaim nangis² nk umi ikot skali .
it was the first time I actually seen him like that .
quite shock , really .

after few minutes , dy berjaya dipujuk .
perjalanan pada hari itu boleh dikatakan agak lancar xda traffic jamm n so on
but it then suddenly started raining .
so I suggested to go straight to Sunway Pyramid which means there will be no SUNWAY LAGOON .
yes , NO .
but then , Muzaim buat muka monyok jea .
so , terpaksa la p ;(

ehem *
I'm almost forgotten , kami dibawa ke sana oleh Kak Aziya .
yeah , thx kak ! ;)

ok , aku ringkaskan sikit .
bayar tiket masok sunway tu saja dah RM300++
so bayangkanla brapa banyak wang dibazirkan semata-mata nk masok situ .
to be honest , I didn't really enjoy anything there though .
it was a waste of time and money .
yes , seriously .

imagine what I saw there ?
yes ,
lol =.=
it wasn't the real reason I was there though .

here's some pix ,
sorry for the low quality

our driver ;)
as always , trying to act ' cute '

selepas itu , kami ke Sunway Pyramid .
again , it wasn't too enjoyable .
except for the fact that they're running sales there .
Muzaim buat perangai sangat .
sakit hati .
actually , umi gave me RM300 for our belanja there .
for me , such amount wasn't actually enough .
erghh .
kalau boleh semua bju kt situ nk bli .
hoho .

here's a fact ,

setiap kedai yg aku masok , aku belek² dlu harga dya .
selagi harga xserendah dari RM30 ( after discount ) aku xkan beli .
err .
apa dah jd kt aku ni ?
tetiba berjimat cermat plak .
myb sbb dah tua kot :p
yeah !
actually , aku takot nk belanja lebih² .
sbb duit tu bleh dibazirkan ntok perkara lain .

ok , 
enough with that ' matured ' talking .
btw , ' matured ' ? HAHA .

err . I'll continue this later .
till then , dadaaaa ~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ini bukan sharingan .
juga bukan vampire .
hanyalah seorang amatur mencuba perkara baru .

AGAIN , LOVE ? i don't give a damn ;)

tiada tempat berhinggap

thx to : Muhammad Luqman

I AM still wondering why I was there =="

A - AVAILABLE: Hopefully , yes
B - BIRTHDAY: 6th August
C - CRUSHING ON: _________________
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Kiwi juice ?
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Atiqah Ahmad Faierizzan
F - FAVORITE SONG: currently listening to Liar by Madcon
H - HOMETOWN: Alor Setar, Kedah
I - IN LOVE WITH: My own body . * woot woot *
J - JUGGLE: No . It's a waste of time
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Never drink those ;(
O - ONE WISH: I wish to be stronger ;(
Atiqah Ahmad Faierizzan
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Liar by Madcon
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: school days , 7++ am . holidays , normally 1++ pm
V - VEGETABLE(S): Is that really a question ? =.=
W - WORST HABIT: No self confidence
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Once , for RMC
Y – YOYOS ARE: Sometimes fun to play with

Random Questions About You:

What color do you wear most?: Black
What are you listening to?: My SE
Are you happy with your life right now?: You think ?
What is your favorite class in school/college?: All the classes during primary , secondary was all lame memories
When do you start back at school/college?: ?
Are you outgoing?: Kinda
Favorite pair of shoes?: Whatever I feel like wearing
Where do you wish you were right now?: Any place that brings me peace


Can you dance? : I was born in a ' dancing ' family . so , NO
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: =.=
Can you whistle? : :-"
Write with both hands?: I write with my fingers =="
Walk with your toes curled: =.+


Do you believe there is life on other planets?: ALLAH MAHA KUASA
Do you believe in miracles?: Seriously , NO
Do you believe in magic?: NO ;)
Love at first sight?: Rubbish!
Do you think there's a Satan : There's a lot in my room . You want some ?
Do you believe in Santa?: FAKE :D
Do you know how to swim?: Never knew when ;)
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: Bikinis ? sure :D

Have you ever been on a plane?: Once ;)
Have you ever asked someone out?:
Lots of time XD
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: 
Again , Lots of time XD
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Beaches ? yes ;)
Have you ever painted your nails?: No


What is the temperature outside? : Unimportant
What radio station do you listen to?:
What was the last restaurant you ate at?:KFC :D
What was the last thing you bought?: Love
Who was the last person you took a picture of? : ' Adik '


Ever really cried your heart out?: Yes sometimes , but no one actually know or actually care
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: No
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: No
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Errr . . . yes :">
Do you cry when you get an injury?: No way =.=
Do certain songs make you cry?: No Way


Are you a happy person?: Happy if i want to be.
What can make you happy?: Places with strong internet connection
Do you wish you were happier?: I wish ;(
Can music make you happy?: Not really ;(


How many times have you had your heart broken?: Just once . Seriously , ONCE
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: Again , only ONCE


What is your current hair color?: Black
Current piercings?: None
Have any tattoos?: Yeah ! XD haha . HELL NO
Eye color?: Brown


Favorite eye color: I don't actually care
Short or long hair: Again , I don't actually care
Height: Hopefully shorter than me . pls pls pls X(
Best clothing : Baju yg macam baju


Been to jail: Yes in monopoly.
Mooned someone: HUH ?
Thrown up in a store: NEVVAAA
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today: Haha ==" memories
Gone skinny dipping: You mean bikini ? haha :D


Pepsi or Coke: Air Zam-zam
McDonald's or Burger King: I'd rather go with KFC
Single or Group Dates: Threesome ?
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Strawberries or Blueberries: Blackberry
Meat or Veggies: Both
TV or Movie: Movie !
Guitar or Drums?: Facebook ?
Adidas or Nike: Neither both
Chinese or Mexican: Malaysian .
Cheerios or Corn Flake s: What are those ? =.=
Pie or Cake: Burger =="