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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the story of a life . . . LOVE life . . .

again , reposted from my old blog
( dengan sedikit pengubahsuaian tanpa mengubah story asal )

it was sunny that day .

he was doing his regular  .  .  .  to be precise , weekend activity-hanging out with his besfriends at the mall

there was nothing specific act.,sometimes they play bowling , watch new movies at the cinema,-like any ordinary teenagers around their age would do.

that day,they feel like playing bowling so they promised to meet ' there '-the usual place they gather before going anywhere together.

but this time,his friends went off first because he has some other work to do.

he promised to meet them by 4 o'c.

after the work is done,without much more delay,he went off to the place where he was suppose to meet them.

but on his way  .  .  , 

he suddenly met his . . . 

" ex-girlfriend "

it was sad , 
sad for him though ,

coz she's with a new guy .

she realised it was him . . .

they're both shocked . . . and stood still,watching each other.

he was really upset with her , - she told him before that she was busy and could not go out with him eventhough he told her that it's for the last time. and now  .  .  .  it seems like he slightly understand by the word ' busy ' she told him earlier.

but what even shocked him most  .  .  ,  it was just a week since they broke up,she had found his replacer.

that guy,stood in front of him,was sadly to be told  .  .  .  taller  .  .  .  and a lot more  .  .  . HANDSOME  .  .  . and a bit charming IF to be compared with him - and maybe he's a little bit older than him , 
a criteria that a girl around her age would like to make as a boyfriend.

but it was sad for him though  .  .  
being dumped after a year of building their relationship.

by looking at him,it solved every single puzzle in his head . - no more questions , this tells him everything . why would she want a break up before ? he knew it now  .  .  .

it simply tells everything.

she was speechless . - yes of course,what would you think a girl like her would say at time like this?

that guy , stared him with a fierce glare.

maybe he realised that the boy standing in front of him is her girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

or maybe it was just a normal thing a guy like him would do when a stranger look at his girlfriend with a wierd view .

after quite some time,he finally have the guts to say this," err  .  .  are you guys gonna stand right in front of me like this like  .  .  .  forever ?coz my friends is waiting for me and i bet they wont be happy if i'm late . sorry " - of course he would say that , they were blocking his way =.=

guess she was embarrased,so they moved a bit , letting him to pass through .

he took a step , . . .

" sorry "

- the only word that came out from her mouth after minutes of silent.

.  .  .  

the steps he took was stopped  .  .  .  he silent  .  .  .  quite touched by that word  .  .  .  he turned his face  .  .  .  watching her slowly walk away with her new one  .  .  .  he gave her a smile . . .and continued his way to the meeting place.

the smile was faked.

she understands it .

and he HOPE she understands it .

he moved real quick , not to be blame of being late . - and . . . yes , without turning his head to see his ex again although this might be his last chance to be ever looking her again . he's not too strong to face this yet.

luckily,he made up to the meeting place just a minute late.

his friends didn't mind it though.-just a minute late,nobody would mind.rite?

so it's about time for bowling but this time , only his friends were playing .

they were a bit confused by his act because it was one of his fav game . 
but later , they seem to understand him . because it's a bit weird to see him like this .

he used to be a ' happy - go - lucky ' person who would never say " NO " for bowling .

they didn't ask what happened to him , they don't want to bother him  .  .  .  and let him drown by his feeling at the moment .

.  .  . 

he didn't know what else to do .

with a mood of doing nothing ,

not even a single smile he used to give to people .

for him,the world has turned  .  .  .  dark  .  .  .  and empty.

he feel so uncomfortable  .  .  .  and could not face the situation anymore .
he then asked one of his friend who own a car to take him home.

back home , he quickly walked up the stairs , heading to his room.

he sat on the corner of his bed,thinking of everything happened to him .

everything lingered on his head .  .  .

he recalled every single moment he spent with her .

every single memories he had with her .

the moment they first met ,

the moment they say they love each other ,

the moment they had their first kiss ,

and the moment  .  .  . the moment of everything !!!
he even planning on a suicide !

.  .  . 

maybe that was far too much for him ,

being dumped by someone he loves very much ,

someone whom he believes would be his future wife ,

someone whom he would likely to spend his life with ,

but now .  .  .  it looks like that dream would never EVER come true .

.  .  .

tears suddenly fall from his eyes .

it was funny though .

a girl , made a boy cried  .  .  .

an hour passed .

.  .  .

he heared his phone rang .

- 1 new text message -

he opened it.


the text was from her .

he couldn't take it.

again , rain of tears fall from his eyes  .  .  .

he laughed.

he laughed so hard .

he replied.

" ahah.thanks.u can say that five letter word for billions of time.
   but it would never ever really heals me.
   thanks 4 wat u've did to me.

   p/s : i love u                                                                        "

no more replies after that.

he turned off his phone.

it wasn't easy for him to accept the loss.

it was stupid , yes of course IT WAS !

after what she did, he can still say ," i love u " ????

love is blind .

that's the truth .

eventhough he knew all this while the girl was using him for her own please , he would still love her like the first time he felt when he started to love her .

even until now  .  .  .  he still love her .
that is one thing he can't deny .- he cried everytimes he think of her.


- thanks atiq for becoming the first to read the original post :)
- sorry for my bad grammar, yes i know it wasn't perfect like yours

p / s : selepas semua ini berlaku , Love ? I DON'T WANNA GIVE A DAMN ! ;)


nadia nazurah osman said...

self made?

ZA Wong said...
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:::afinigelong::: said...

:'( ..pehh!sedih kot

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Senorita Shud said...

:( ohh my ...i want 2 cry

Senorita Shud said...

sdyh :((

:::afinigelong::: said...

yayaya ! menyayat i can read ur heart..:) haha..*bdk gyla la ktakan..

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Sofea Asyiqin said...

i've read this and cried.
and wow i cried again.

tak payah bercinta laaa~

Kert ZA said...

xmungkin ~

Shareena Nasir said...

Okay, me wanna cry please ;'( pity you darlaaa ;'(

Kert ZA said...

hohoho tq darling

cik bella said...

sedih :(
dahla kert. toksah bercinta dah.hee.
senym2 !

Kert ZA said...

ok :)

Iman Foodie said...

ooo..k, that was sooo long.