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Saturday, July 2, 2011

a quiz . . . :/

ok . terbaca Farah post pasal satu kuiz ni , nak tawu ? baca sini .
so i took the quiz , . . . erm maybe not exactly the same quiz she took , but still form the same site .

the question was . . . ,

Are you still thinking about your ex?


ekekeke ;-D

soalan yang sangat kliche . . . err . . . jawapannya , 


Here is the analysis:
You have managed to sweep away any feelings you have left for your ex. You are fully recovered and you don't dwell in anguish over the memories of your times together. You are completely and happily in love with your current boyfriend/girlfriend. Although you may occasionally mention the name of past boyfriends/girlfriend, it will simply be because it relates to what you are talking about. The present moment is what you are interested in.

erm :-/
mana dia dpt tau ni ? kbye kniteeee


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